Past Projects

Billie Eilish 'Blohsh' Earrings, 2018

A limited edition commission of 500 pairs of Blohsh logo earrings for Billie Eilish, sold as official merchandise through her online merch store.
PLEASE NOTE: these earrings were sold exclusively on the Billie Eilish merch store only, and are NOT available through my own site or any other stockists.

Billie Eilish Blohsh Earrings

Kaleidoscopic, 2017

A series of necklaces and earrings handmade from hand-dyed acrylic and elastic.

Terrarium, 2016

A series of necklaces handmade with powder coated copper, printed acetate, plastic plugs and elastic

Mathematica, 2016

A series of necklaces and earrings handmade with hand-dyed acrylic, copper and rubber tube